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The Clé De Peau Beauté 40th anniversary logo embodies the harmony of nature, beauty, science and perfection. It is designed using the golden ratio and symbolises a myriad of layered meanings. The triangle represents the number 4, cutting edge science, balance, strength and future-focus. The circle represents the number 0, skin cell science, the Key / a portal, Perfection and Infinite Radiance.

Whilst it ended up being what looks like a simple line-art, "trim paths" build-on animation, the statement above was the driving force behind all of my ideas. It became apparent that I needed to incorporate the golden ratio into the animation. I researched its use in music and film and how it can be used to create a natural release in what viewers and listeners experience. It's known as "Phi Time".

From the brief, I took the duration that the logo needed to be and used the golden ratio to determine my Phi Time – the point everything is on screen and revealed. I even took my frame rate and worked out the golden ratio of keyframe ease, spacing and duration.

Here are some examples of tests before we settled on the final;

The video below shows my title and subtitle work, along with the 40 Year logo on the end frame. This was used across all product films throughout Spring / Summer '22 and Autumn / Winter '22 seasons. Being shown across CPB's online, in-store and social networks.

The experimentation inspired another brief. The client really liked the idea of the zero being a container, or petri dish. So I then tasked with creating a collection of looping science influenced animations of the 40Y logo. Here are the collection that made it.