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Lead 2D Motion Designer

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DOOH, Live Event

Until now, the largest deliverable I'd worked on was the Star Wars Piccadilly Circus. That was until I landed this awesome gig creating 2D Motion Graphics for the court at BMW Park, Munich. I had the absolute pleasure of being Lead 2D animator on this humungous project; bringing a basketball court to life for Bayern Munich's first game of the season at BMW Park. AMB Glass Court + GlassourtOS had taken over the traditional court and turned it into an LED screen, making the deliverable a whopping 5824x3120 at buttery smooth 50fps.

I also had the honour of being flown to Munich with the team to provide on-site motion support, tweaking and creating live updates court-side (line weights coming to mind) and getting all deliverables prepped in HAP codec for the technical team. I even whipped up a show-opening reel to create hype and showcase the collaboration between Glasscourt, BMW and FCBB.

To read more about it, Dandelion & Burdock have a case study on their website. FC Bayern Munich Basketball put out some really cool social content on their instagram too; Event Showcase ReelEvent PhotosCarousel Stills