Mark Cavendish: Never Enough



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Pitch Productions


Art Direction, Creative Direction, 2D + 3D Motion Design

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Netflix Worldwide

My creative friend Anthony & I were given the opportunity I'd been dreaming of for years; to create a title sequence for a documentary commissioned by Netflix for worldwide streaming.

Whilst the budget and brief were very minimal, we wanted to put our everything into this being our first long-form title sequence.

After watching a cutdown of the film we knew which creative direction we wanted to take. An athlete's career is a fragile one; one injury could cost them their livelihood. As human beings they are vulnerable, but continue to power through with what they do. We decided to represent this with a racing bike made of glass.

We started with two routes; one being a light, clinical - almost x-ray like environment. The other a dark, moody and somewhat mysterious.

We also wanted to tell a story so for the shot sequence we thought it would be quite interesting to follow the journey from human power to machine power, and the synergy between cyclist and cycle. We figured that the chain was the driving force between the two. We start where Mark's body meets the bike; the pedals, follow the chain around to the derailleur at the back of the bike, up through to the gears and then ending on the back wheel.

You can watch the title sequence with the whole film on Netflix.

A more in-depth case study is in the works. I've got BTS, directors cuts and all sorts to share.
Stay tuned.

I just really wanted to share this monumental achievement in my career; to create a title sequence for a film. Hoping it's the first of many.